Trying TikTok Life Hacks to See If They Work

We found life hacks on TikTok that we couldn't believe, so we had to test them to see if they worked or not! Oh ya subscribe for a pop tart :)
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      I’ll do it for a cookie because I don’t like pop tarts that’s much,sorry.

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      I want my pop tarts

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      Done ✅

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      @Brenbun7878 Xgddtfdawwedy

  2. Vicky Nathan

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    i think you had to lay the pasta out ya know

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    You're the best❤❤❤incase no one told you todayyy

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    I don't know how to d thctok

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    Congratulations 20millin subs well done

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    I'm your biggest fan on the planet

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    you actually scammed me

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    20 mil

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    La Leche

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    and y’all make sure y’all like toooo , been here since the Cocaine prank 💋😮‍💨.

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    20 millionnnnn subscribers nowwwwww .!😮‍💨🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Hi faze rug congrats on 20mil



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    the hack that you tess the lemon one the one you say in spanish my friend speak spanish littel bit

  16. Adora Mene

    Adora Mene

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    Lol you and Noah almost got me in this one I actually thought the bulb lighted up damnnn😭🤣

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    happy 20 m faze rug i wrote this comment on 20 of your recent videos

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    Is the jello sutible for vegetarians

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    Nice moustache bro

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    Who else was like 😑when he said ICE lemonade my life is trippin but Ryan no hate brother no hate

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    SPOILER ALERT I can't believe they prabked us with the light lol

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    4:50 Like funky

  24. Matt Patt

    Matt Patt

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    For the controller battery thing are used a coin like for example a quarter and it worked fine

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  26. Maria Cirino

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    4:05 AYOOO

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    The thumbnail is cute 😊



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    at time 12:28 i tried it and it taste like watermelon but just a little swetter

  30. Akil Pro

    Akil Pro

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    6:22 ofc it works cuz the elec goes thro the foil even if you use and type of metal it works

  31. Fadi


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    Your capping guys but I’m not a hater lol

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    I watch this when idid first see him on ALpast

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    Love the life hack videos my guy

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    My sister is new go n

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    Can i join you tik tok accont because I was ban but I won’t make any videos if I the luckyist boy in the world than you’ll say yes or even se this

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    Lion King

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    Rug:take tape and peel it off. Me:rips off with hands :/

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    Camera man “I love creamy”. FaZe Rug “Yo chill bro”.

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    yo guys i couldnt even get half of the video without 15 grammarly videos coming up it is so annoying and by the way faze i love ya

  40. kristina kopacaite

    kristina kopacaite

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    Is it a lie and what flavor

  41. Baby Gaston

    Baby Gaston

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    Use corn syrup instead of honey

  42. HelloWorld❤️


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    This should be food hacks

  43. Norael Esho

    Norael Esho

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    The mustard it had to be frenchs mustard

  44. Pinkclix -roblox

    Pinkclix -roblox

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    Tapete 😂😂😂



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    5:3 camara man be like chil bill

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    hese at 19.9 M rn hes so close omg

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    Me: Knowing all of the Disney show theme songs

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    so creamy

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    all most 20mil

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    I'm with you brotha SIZE DOSNT MATTER cuz I'm 4,5

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    Butthole Skrap

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    Use the glasses

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    I started dying when the grapes fell out of the bag 😂😂😂

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    Noah is crazy

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    That flashed

  56. booty gobble

    booty gobble

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    Bro good content

  57. Sandcastle


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    Now we know that Brian doesn’t AT ALL look good look in spectacles!!!

  58. Sandcastle


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    “No! You don’t use a screwdriver🪛” had me dying 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  59. Shaurya Shah

    Shaurya Shah

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    at the bottom side of Noah's head, he looks like Mrbeast (in the pasta chips thing).

  60. AlexaPlaysWithFidgets


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    Actually I am pretty sure you are supposed to leave it in for about 5-7 hours

  61. Lava Move

    Lava Move

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    When he sings Hanna Montana

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    gab gab

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    tapete i laugh XDDD

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    izik glastonbury

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    4:08 sus

  64. Laura A

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    Bro when rug sang lemonade “ice lemonade my neck was dripping”😂

    • Laura A

      Laura A

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      @DENNIS ZM ikr



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      That was so cringe😂

  65. OGMJ 2

    OGMJ 2

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    10:11 you mix it all together and you know you got the best

  66. ☕︎︎𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜☕︎︎


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    These hacks are life changing to me!

  67. αтѕ


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    Water works better

  68. Kason Chapman

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    Nice vid Faze Rug

  69. ItzMe


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    Can i get the condensed milk please

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    when he was reaching for the ice I hated what he said * cringing * IRL

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    The scam worked!

  72. Heidi Williams

    Heidi Williams

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    You need to do these videos more often Rug!

  73. Maya and Lily Toca Boca Family And More Real Life

    Maya and Lily Toca Boca Family And More Real Life

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  74. Maya and Lily Toca Boca Family And More Real Life

    Maya and Lily Toca Boca Family And More Real Life

    17 ditë më parë

    3:34 what rug said is funny 😆 L

  75. Asad Javed

    Asad Javed

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    if u actually got prakned by that ur pretty gulable cuz the light was way to bright for the sun to be shining

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    Very cool 😎

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    your nose is to big for the glasses 🤣🤣

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    Grape 🍇+ tahin 🌶️= 🔥

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    I saw the message on the fridge

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    Can I plz win a ps5 I’ve been subbed since 2015 and I’ve been a fan and watched all ur vids and ur my favorite ALpastr all I want is a pa5😁

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    Ok I have

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    Please can you do a mother TomTom video please I lov e your vid nice video

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    You don't say lechera in Spanish

  86. callum west

    callum west

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    It's leche in Spanish

  87. callum west

    callum west

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    Let's share our isn't how you say milk in Spanish

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    Faze up rug I am subscribed

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    Dog that got drip

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    Faze fug Dora confirmed

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    Faze rug I love your video

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    I love when Noah tried to use a Screwdriver

  92. Kaylim McNabb

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    I love when Noah gets in front of the camera. These guys are so much like brothers, they should just create videos together or create another channel for both of them

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    I’m just kidding I just love your videos so much

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    Love you and your videos 😍

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    The battery one works but it will have a less amount of electricity going to the controller and will be used faster

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    Why does Noah always just open his eyes really wide when the snack or food is good?

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    I did subscribe

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