Racing the Worlds Fastest Athlete! (ft. Deestroying)

I challenged a D1 athlete & ALpastr @Deestroying to an intense sports race around the city of Los Angeles, and things got CLOSE
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    You're the best❤❤❤incase no one told you todayyy

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    Hi faze rug congrats on 20m

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    Congrats on 20 million

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    Hey rug can u give me the site to that juice wrld shirt honestly have been looking for that and I need it xd so could u give me the shirt link

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    20 million let’s go!!!!! Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe !!! South Africa loves you Faze . Cape Town

  9. Brennen Gabruk

    Brennen Gabruk

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    He’s not the world fasted I don’t think isn’t Usanbolt

  10. Roblox Bedwars Warrior or barbarian kit

    Roblox Bedwars Warrior or barbarian kit

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    he had the eaiser hole Rug would have had won

  11. The windham13

    The windham13

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    I'm joking but you are good but destroying better

  12. The windham13

    The windham13

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    You are the worst ALpastr ever

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    So freaking close to 20 million

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    Should’ve eases tyreek hill (sorry If I spelled it wrong)

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    Go faze up 100000 subscribers!!

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    Man copied mr beast with Lamborghini vid but he running

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    7 billions not 7 millions it lives 10 million in Sweden lol

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    Best athlete

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    Love you man

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    Faze rug and his pug. Sheeeeeeeeesh that rime

    • Rishi Manani

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      So good

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    Done😁😁😍 ur videos

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    Can I plz win a ps5 I’ve been subbed since 2015 and I’ve been a fan and watched all ur vids and ur my favorite ALpastr all I want is a pa5😁

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    Faze rug: it’s to easy DEESTROYING: are you sure about that

  26. David Howard

    David Howard

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    Obsain bolt: am I a joke to you

  27. Saad Aldalaqan

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    Great content

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    Give me an iPhone 12 on giveaway rug plzz

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    :O nice vid

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    Wow that boy can run 🏃‍♂️

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    Jesus is king!

  33. BEC24GK


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    Hey Faze Rug best athlete in the world

  34. Jany F Alamo

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    That’s a cool race you guys😎😎😎

  35. Revenge_ Yousif

    Revenge_ Yousif

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    I’ve done all

  36. Jon Horst

    Jon Horst

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    Bro that was so sick I thought you would win. Nice vid. I wish I could meet you.

  37. H P

    H P

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    i thought it was bolt

  38. Tyro Cyr

    Tyro Cyr

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    “What a cameraman.” 😂😂

  39. Hassan Rehman

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    Thanks for keep entertaining us.🥰🥰

  40. Nolaawesomer


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    U almost beat him that’s crazy !!!

  41. Only1Marlo Live

    Only1Marlo Live

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    Faze rug didn't do a layup or mid range shot

  42. arctichyx


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    Did anyone notice he said there were 7 million people on earth😛

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    Outcast Rexu

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    I was already subscribed

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  45. unknown user

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    world's fastest youtuber not athlete.

  46. Mr. Cool

    Mr. Cool

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    7 billion

  47. KD ARTS


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  48. Fᴀɢᴜ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ Official

    Fᴀɢᴜ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ Official

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    BTW the fastest human is bolt or volt.

  49. steven hyatt

    steven hyatt

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    Ayo that was neat Ayo that was neat

  50. Heidi Williams

    Heidi Williams

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    Great video FaZe Rug!

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    Speed is speed learn from flash😂😂😂.

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    20 million soon PS5 PLS I love your videos I watch your videos for three years

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    2:04 7 billion

  55. Danger_clapzYT


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    Wait rug next vid can you race him

  56. Katie Miller

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    Nice race g

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    Rug is finally hitting puberty 👍🏼

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    Yo notice me

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    The duo gamers

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  62. The duo gamers

    The duo gamers

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    Life with brother

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    Pls can I Win a ps5 I don't have a play station I have always wanted one I will be so happy if you I will win the ps5

  64. Jessica edits

    Jessica edits

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    There is acually 7 billion people in the world,I don’t understand why people believe there are 7 million people in the world 🤔

  65. Nathan Ror

    Nathan Ror

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    when rug says deestroyer is the fastest and that he thinks donlad is the richest kid in America when hes not even close

  66. Andon Greer

    Andon Greer

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    Favorite collab fr

  67. Little Chili

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    “Let’s see how fast you can subscribe!” Me: I’m already subscribed



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    guys i love godwin immanuel :)

  69. Gauri Narkar

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    Usain Bolt be like : Hol up wait a minute

  70. cj ellerbee

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    Bitch it up

  71. Hanh Kim

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    I play golf and I’m a god at it😇

  72. Scortch


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    I thought u meant bolt

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    Ok I see u Deestroying I’m sub to both

  74. Ray Noah

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    Rug I know you didn't win but I still think your the greatest basketball ALpastr.

  75. Shepherd Roberts

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  76. Bristol Hayes

    Bristol Hayes

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    Brian you won

  77. TheReal senpai

    TheReal senpai

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    how fast?

  78. Felix Baughn

    Felix Baughn

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    did rug get a new editor? the style is way different

  79. Felix Baughn

    Felix Baughn

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    somehow rugs voice dropped lmfao

  80. Cubsbaseballfan44


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    Your copying mrbeast

  81. Ahmad Mohamad

    Ahmad Mohamad

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    R.I.P JUICE WRLD Nice shirt

  82. JxyyGo Crazy

    JxyyGo Crazy

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    When rug get a red lambo😂😂

  83. iFearr


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    D has a big

  84. DZ-PLAYS


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    still wearing masks 😑😑

  85. Melly_2_sweaty Devil

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    Real fastest is usain bult

  86. cf _glitch

    cf _glitch

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    7.2 billion people in the world not 7million okay

  87. FreezyPlayz _

    FreezyPlayz _

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    Can we just appreciate that he is wearing a shirt with juice wrld on it

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    Yo wobble legs

  89. Vesterian


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    Quick question How many Lambos you got rug

  90. Tris


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  91. Mari the Greatest of wwe

    Mari the Greatest of wwe

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    What’s up my bro deestroying

  92. batarang_moonwalk


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    yooooo is dababy

  93. Key_games123


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    Still think rug is athlete king

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    Run forest run

  97. Judah Parker

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    do pro bowlers know how many people are in the world?

  98. Team Animation

    Team Animation

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    Me:reading The title Also Me:racing the fastest? Also Me:omg its usian bold Vs rug

  99. Roenik Sekhon

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    Get lambo customized by zhc

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    11:27 did he jus say aventador😭🤌🏽

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