LETTING My Tesla CONTROL My Life for 24 HOURS!!

Thank you Elon!
I let my Tesla decide where I'm going & what I'm doing for 24 hours.. We had a TON of fun!
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      @PasHa you again

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      Rug I love your channel dude

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      @Roobz I hate your channel

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      @HellRey *I hate your profile photo*

  2. Duh_hitzi


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    Anyone realises the pier is in GTA 5

  3. Meena Patel

    Meena Patel

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    I wish I was there

  4. ishmael ducran

    ishmael ducran

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    OK so I’m a big fat red face little red face why I want to always give up I like to you I’m not your car can drive

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    misba rahman

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    You're the best❤❤❤incase no one told you todayyy

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    2.48 nobody else see amongus there ??

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    Your so cool

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    Can I have a iphone or ps5 plz

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    Can’t wait to watch your 20mil vid🥰🤗

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    That’s not Elon musk

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    Midnight 40_rblx

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    I don’t really like the colour of the tesla

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    mxs1i _

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    Isn’t that Noah’s Tesla?

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    bam hi

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    i love your videos!!!!!!!

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    Love you too faze rug

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    this was sooo cool

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    Tesla is rocking..

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    Love this video

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    I'm your biggest fan on the planet

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    Waddup 🔥

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    I went there it’s fun

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    5:52 I will enjoy any video

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    FaZe Rug

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    Love these vidz ❤️

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    I would love a ps5 please. I always have to fight over the ps4. My insta is jdefensejjj

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    CONGRATS ON 20M!!!!!

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    Congrats on 20 mil!!!!!!!!!! I love you bro!!

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    Hi faze rug congrats on 20mil

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    *Hey future Brian, you will hit 20M subscribers on 17 September 2021 (CONGRATS)*

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    Nurul Hidayati

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    Fun fact is that the game gta 5 the Monica peer is the exact same peer as the game

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    o k

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    I love touch screen cars

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    Nicole D 9B 44

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    happy 20 m faze rug i wrote this comment on 20 of your recent videos

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    Congratulations!!!!!! 20 million!!!!

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    Mckenna Linville

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    Y’all I would love to win that give away for that car I am trying to start my own business and my own car would help so much!! Rug that is my dream!!! I literally would cry if I won the car!

  38. dimitrije dimitrije

    dimitrije dimitrije

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    You live in gta V

  39. Jamie Ashton

    Jamie Ashton

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    Very cool video 😎😎

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    let me get the car

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    I love your videos

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    Realy close to 20 mil

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    That ain't Elon musk that's Elon moose

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    Jennifer Martinez

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    You should really go to New Mexico Las Vegas my parents have a food truck you can go eat there also it’s Mexican food soooo now u know 😏😏😏

  49. Mohammad El-Khalifeh

    Mohammad El-Khalifeh

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    Make a video with your brother and of course with noah

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    Got him to 20m subs

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    1:48 it shows his license plate 😂

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    Destiny Herrera

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    I know that guy that was freestyling in the Santa Monica pier omg. He’s so good I remember first meeting him when I was 16 in Hollywood. Me and him still keep on touch!

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    Let’s get FRAZE TO 20 MILL!!! LOVE THIS GUY

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    FAZ RUG you are the so cool

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    i love the car FaZ LOOK Good

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    FaZe Simplistic?

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    Thank you Elon

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    Gta pier🤨

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    That’s up that’s not Elon musk

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    I love you

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    Great video as always

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    I love your videos❤️😎😁😉

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    Hey faze rug I am really a big fan of you and I love your videos💖...thanks for making this amazing content for us...we appreciate it so much thank you ones again💙also I hope I can meet you too one day

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    Adapt was Elon musk

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    Great video Rug, keep up your great work!

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    Before 20 mil chain 👇

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    That Faze adapts not elon musk

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    He first drive it not went right sound

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    Done luv u.

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    Tesla: where do you want to go?? Rug: you pick Tesla:no you pick rug: NO YOU PICK

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    Hi 👋 I am vivaan from India 🇮🇳 Faze rug congratulations 🥳 on getting to 20 million subscribers I love ❤️ ur content ur videos r so entertaining I would love to be a part of your giveaway Thanks 🙏🏻 for everything u do faze rug I would love ❤️ to g



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    Fire video!

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    The tallest man alive rn is sultan from turkey who is 8ft3

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    Can you do a challenge with the Tesla that you tell you what country you can go in the Tesla

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    I dare you to a country called Libya

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    Amazing videos like always rug. Rug you gave me inspiration a lot. I’m huge fan love you. Your always so positive and energetic that’s why I like you. Your videos are entertaining keep up the good work and I am already subscribed! Your really cool rug also you Noah your really cool too and also funny. Byeeee

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