Finding SECRET TikTok Spots in my City! **best one yet**

I took a trip down to San Diego just to go find more hidden secret TikTok spots! You all loved the first one so I did this in my hometown! LIKE FOR PART 3!
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    lol my name is christian, I thought you were talking to me because I was zoned out

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    You're the best❀❀❀incase no one told you todayyy

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    is it only me who thinks Rug and noah looks like they could be related

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    at the cave with ocean

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    *Hey future Brian, you will hit 20M subscribers on 17 September 2021 (CONGRATS)*

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    Love u rug😆

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    Didn’t think you’d actually find themđŸ„ș

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    happy 20 m faze rug i wrote this comment on 20 of your recent videos

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    I’m in the dark living
.aaaaahh- yn jay flow😭

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    Hello faze rug

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    11:18 Can someone tell me the name of the BGM at 11:18

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    Bro I’ve been to the jolla before is so sick in real life but tiring climbing all the stairs to the cave

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    put noah in your videos pls love yal

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    He's wearing a city shirt 😑

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    You are awesome I want to come to Santiago but my mom says it’s a waste of and I live in Texas Houston

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    Pt 3

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    in front of the cambra

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    7:50 yah short and skinny

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    Rug your getting fat

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    ho chi minh is a vietnam ruler who was in the vietnam war, i guess that’s why it’s called ho chi minh

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    Wow very cool spots 😎

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    It was funny that how the baby was staring at him and the picture

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    Could have asked the fan about the cave’s location

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    Great video Rug, keep up your great work!

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    Bro these are not even hidden spots. Go to Adobe falls near SDSU campus. That’s a real hidden gem in Daygo.

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    God loves you and never wants you to give up God has a plan for you and can change your life Have faith in God and Jesus God bless you and your family.

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