Finding SECRET TikTok Spots in my City! **HIDDEN GEMS**

I found some cool secret spots on TikTok and we explored Los Angeles to see if they lived up to the hype!
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  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug

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    Like the vid or I'll make u hike the worlds tallest mountain

    • Aneta Mitrevska

      Aneta Mitrevska

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      Aneta Mitrevska

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    • Aneta Mitrevska

      Aneta Mitrevska

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    • Jace Devereaux

      Jace Devereaux

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      Mount Everest?

    • Harrison Warhurst

      Harrison Warhurst

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      no faze rugs in here

  2. misba rahman

    misba rahman

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    You're the best❤❤❤incase no one told you todayyy

  3. Extreme


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    Press the button be for he goes in the cave👍

  4. Trav B

    Trav B

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    L love your videos and your photos

  5. Allison Fuentes

    Allison Fuentes

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    Omg 😱

  6. Baruc Martinez

    Baruc Martinez

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    I have that room

  7. tatarbeefsteak


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    i love yur vid 💙💙💙🌌🏞⛰🌋

  8. superrug


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    And I live In South Africa 🇿🇦 I am not going to get somthing

  9. Rish Yad

    Rish Yad

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    CONGRATULATIONS ON MOVING IN TO A NEW HOUSE..... Explore it all and thank u for the entertainment ❤️❤️❤️

  10. ғᴜᴛᴜʀᴇ ɢᴏᴅ

    ғᴜᴛᴜʀᴇ ɢᴏᴅ

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    Be safe

  11. Hajra Lateef

    Hajra Lateef

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    I'm your biggest fan on the planet

  12. Nurul Hidayati

    Nurul Hidayati

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    I have a exclusive fruit from Indonesia it is called rambutan or hair fruit it taste like weird

  13. Clapper


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    Hi faze rug congrats on 20m



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    love your videos

  15. Purple🤩stars 6

    Purple🤩stars 6

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    Can you do more of those

  16. Purple🤩stars 6

    Purple🤩stars 6

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    Hi I like when you sneak in plases

  17. Sarah Reyes

    Sarah Reyes

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    Please tell me who carried a ladder all the way up that mountain

  18. Blake Tapleys

    Blake Tapleys

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    Look behind him at 4:17

  19. ProMinionGamer


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    Spread the Gospel everyone !

  20. Ana Cordero

    Ana Cordero

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    Port 2

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    Sarah Da Costa 23

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    I subscribed and turn on those post notifications

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    Sarah Da Costa 23

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    Hi i’m on my moms account i’m a really big fan

  23. The M Fam

    The M Fam

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    I feel so bad for you because you have to go through this

  24. E&E family 👉👈

    E&E family 👉👈

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    Faze rug say don’t like now or I’ll get mad me likes faze rug kills me

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    Shaw Gray

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    Melissa Parker

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    rug is athe best youtuber

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    Allanna Faile

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    Hi i’m subscribe

  31. Rosabella Clark

    Rosabella Clark

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    I loved the view

  32. Cían Fitzpatrick

    Cían Fitzpatrick

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    Do é

  33. Maxx Garcia

    Maxx Garcia

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    Likes the vid now he gets mad

  34. NBA 2k live mobile Master

    NBA 2k live mobile Master

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    Make longer videos

  35. tech info

    tech info

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    Make a part 2

  36. Sandra Costilla

    Sandra Costilla

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    I know where it is because my dad drove me near there

  37. Sandra Costilla

    Sandra Costilla

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    Did anyone see the big smiley face

  38. clipzy uchiha

    clipzy uchiha

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    Can I plz win a ps5 I’ve been subbed since 2015 and I’ve been a fan and watched all ur vids and ur my favorite ALpastr all I want is a pa5😁

  39. Kévés Mónika

    Kévés Mónika

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    Pt 3 pls

  40. DinKaN Gaming YT

    DinKaN Gaming YT

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    Try indian food

  41. Kévés Mónika

    Kévés Mónika

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    Uh huh

  42. Kévés Mónika

    Kévés Mónika

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    I love your vids.

  43. dayanara alvarez

    dayanara alvarez

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    Can we please get a part two on the city jems

  44. Gabriella Gonzalez

    Gabriella Gonzalez

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    Rug went on a 2 HOUR and 30 MINUTES hike just for the experience and his fans and viewers Love it Rug

  45. destiny santillan

    destiny santillan

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    you should go to area 15 in las vegas you’ll would love the experience

  46. Brent Weule

    Brent Weule

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    You don’t ran from snakes you slowly walk away

  47. Acacia Nzigo

    Acacia Nzigo

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    It's a smile in the view

  48. ICE Gamer55

    ICE Gamer55

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    I've been here before

  49. TnT Emmert

    TnT Emmert

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    I want to go to the madcap motel

  50. Hoai Diem Le Thuy

    Hoai Diem Le Thuy

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    The recondite flute moberly stare because zephyr covalently flap till a private revolve. silent, alluring toast

  51. R A I

    R A I

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    Another part

  52. Ben Frankel

    Ben Frankel

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    Go to the sky space la slide

  53. not_sus


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    lool broo that big building is almost the same tall of my buildinggggggg 14:27

  54. Max Buehner

    Max Buehner

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    Please faze rug I am a baseball player and I got cut I really want it



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    sick video i liked the vid

  56. sihil hasaral

    sihil hasaral

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    It’s so cool



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    Face rug you’re awesome make awesome videos

  58. XxBubbliesxX_plays


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    11:21 woahh what you a jellyfish??

  59. Spurred Secret9[VIBES]

    Spurred Secret9[VIBES]

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    My dad works a simi

  60. Sam Murdoch 😋

    Sam Murdoch 😋

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    I’m a kid who has done 20k hikes

  61. Jamie Ashton

    Jamie Ashton

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    So cool 😎

  62. FAIZ Khan

    FAIZ Khan

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    Give me an iPhone 12 on giveaway rug plzz

  63. Jingna Dong

    Jingna Dong

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    I've already walked 30000+ steps last month

  64. Donut robloxplayz

    Donut robloxplayz

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    part 2 plssssss

  65. Pokémon Paxton

    Pokémon Paxton

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    Bro that sunburn smack! 😢😭😢😭

  66. Jessi Schrader

    Jessi Schrader

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    If you ever come to Connecticut I can show you some hidden gems 💎



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  68. Arrow _Lit

    Arrow _Lit

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    Do a a challenge of eating Mexican food for 24 hours

  69. Delilah Walsh

    Delilah Walsh

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    at 4:10 there was a smile face in the fields

  70. Heather Hecimovich

    Heather Hecimovich

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    Carpet you’re a carpet

  71. Ty White

    Ty White

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    Can you get me 100

  72. BTD_lukasYT


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    that couple were tripping there eyes 😂😭

  73. Cali Swag

    Cali Swag

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    Yessir 🔥🔥🔥🔥 faze clan family 🖤

  74. Mia Lopez

    Mia Lopez

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    Only people that didn’t come from Tiktok can like this

  75. Txllxm


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    4:11 am I the only one who saw the smiley face in the far distance

  76. Fireman


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    Los Angeles is sick

  77. manjurul islam

    manjurul islam

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  78. Juhain Jaina

    Juhain Jaina

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    this video is so cool

  79. Annie Guo

    Annie Guo

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    FaZe Rug: Finding hidden spots in my city Los angeles Still FaZe Rug: Goes to Las Vegas

  80. Briz Vlogz

    Briz Vlogz

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    yes u came to simi love u

  81. Cristina Tellez

    Cristina Tellez

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    Look I love Brian but also noah went up their to

  82. Parkourer 72

    Parkourer 72

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    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!

  83. Niyahhh


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    That plant girl is very funny

  84. Birb


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    I love that holes reference the book was so good

  85. Furniture Business

    Furniture Business

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    your the best youtuber ever!!!!!

  86. Kara S

    Kara S

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  87. Life With Jo

    Life With Jo

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    faze rug inspires me so much in life to never give up , work hard and i love the bangers

  88. El alfredillo

    El alfredillo

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    I thought your city was san diego ;( you cheating on us

  89. Gaming with Nate

    Gaming with Nate

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    Am i the only one who saw the smiley face at 4:10

  90. Nehemias Barillas

    Nehemias Barillas

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    Pt 2 please 🙏

  91. Naruto Fans only

    Naruto Fans only

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    Try To stay in the cave with the swing for 24 hours

  92. Nerdy Mello

    Nerdy Mello

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    It’s scary that he got a pic of my house in Simi Valley I see the smiley face EEK

  93. Layan Jaghoub

    Layan Jaghoub

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    I'm 8 years old and I live in dubai and I been in a hike 4 times before

  94. LVCK


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    make another part maybe even make a series that would be cool

  95. melissa moreno

    melissa moreno

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    “Dumb and dumber” 😏 sounds like me and my lonely soul 😩

  96. Hamdi Mohamed

    Hamdi Mohamed

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    Did anyone else see the smiley face 4:10

  97. Roblox


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    Do you angry because last time using the party was drinking and he went crazy crazy crazy

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    Hassan Rehman

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    I love your videos Brian 😇😇

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    Bronson West

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    Sorry I didn’t know that he said it a few seconds later

  100. Bronson West

    Bronson West

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    did anyone see the smiley face at 4 minutes and 11 seconds like the comment if you did.

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