Eating at CELEBRITY Restaurants for 24 Hours! (24K Gold Steak)

I ate only at celebrity restaurants for the entire day and it was amazing.. We tried Justin Bieber pasta, Blueface's new restaurant, and an insane golden steak!
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  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug

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    like 4 gold steak and I’ll deliver it to you



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      give me



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      When is my Order gonna come?

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      Hi faze rug

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      @26 Mic I just subed to you

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      We need MORE of buss down Rug in future vids

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    Do you know what language is that Muslim

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    I wanna be your friend it seems fun

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    You're the best❤❤❤incase no one told you todayyy

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    Yo the chef is😮🔥🔥🔥

  7. •Sxmply Cløudii•

    •Sxmply Cløudii•

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    Rug: “Im not easy on my tens, but this is a 10/10” Him literally giving EVERYTHING a 10/10 No hate, just thought this was funny

  8. Nates sports card collections opening Roman

    Nates sports card collections opening Roman

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    The imaginary sign preclinically mug because purpose partially squeal excluding a slippery bar. two, male nephew

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    that looks yum

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    Ok me

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    Not me eating a mc flurry

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    Love these food vlogs with Noah

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    I'm your biggest fan on the planet and always will be

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    Love your videos and I love how kind you are to all of you fans of different ages!

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    My brothers and sister ate at salt bae

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    Hassan Haasan

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    Speaking about food rug is getting broke

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    Desiree Carranza

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    Love the energy let’s gooo 🔥

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    Hi faze rug congrats on 20m

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    DeShawn Davis

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    100 years from now imma be bitting food threw the screen

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    That look in the waiter's face 13:27

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    Hanzekielle yes

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    Hi faze rug im your fannnnnnn

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    Love this vid !!!

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    G Methods

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    where are the tips?

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    [message deleted]

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    This dude is huge lol Can’t even walk in public

  26. Kingvc


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    Noah: It taste like poo face me: dying inside

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    Mcdonals goated

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    "Not easy with the 10" all get 10

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    Michael Toker

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    What was y'all eating Me: subway

  30. ammar raza

    ammar raza

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    me and faze rug are the same because i am 13 years old and i still eat the skin of the chicken first

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    rah and

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    but i’m at the next country

  32. rah and

    rah and

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    i wish i come with you guys try celebrities food

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    6:57 was hilarious

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    Sup G

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    We’re so jealous

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    I just noticed that noah is wearing the watch that faze rug gave it to him as a gift after the honking prank

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    #1 ALpastr alive💯💯💯

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    I know baklawa and bro it’s amazing bro I love it

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    Karson Mcclung

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    I’m from the south



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    Wow I really was amazed by how you guys liked the food and I was kinda jealous



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    Not faze doing the west coast sign 😹😹

  43. Veesa Abshalom Gnana Sundar Veesa

    Veesa Abshalom Gnana Sundar Veesa

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    Your mom 5k 😂😂 .the streak would cost around 350 or 530 dollars

  44. Typical Squad

    Typical Squad

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    Potato Chop I think @fazerug

  45. Sylvester Holm

    Sylvester Holm

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    No hate but 4:13 it's not glizzy it's wurzt

  46. Rich McClaren

    Rich McClaren

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    Gordon Ramsey would not approve of justins pasta. Looks like throw up on a plate

  47. Dodo Habib

    Dodo Habib

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    Faze rug: eating el pastio Me:this inodme is bussin bussin

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    I just woke up and iam hungry

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    hey the fish slaped faze rug lolll

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    14:35 Faze Rug caught in 4k

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    I’m hungry now

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    You are making me Hungry

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    Basketball 101

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    “I wanna eat something healthy” “only eats the skin off the chicken”

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    Faze rug :doctor I have a stomach ache Doctor:you have alot of gold in ur digestive system

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    You are eating good stuff and me eating plan old biscuit

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    Me while watching the video🤤

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  58. ☹︎im the trash bin☹︎

    ☹︎im the trash bin☹︎

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    I just ate and my stomach is not ok soo I’m good for now take your time 🤣



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    I remember sucking on my glizzy and I remember that that’s my childhood

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    I don’t slap it beat me up

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    jonathan ambriz

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    bro the guy he sat next to in salt bae looks like tupac

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    Noah’s wearing rugs watch gift

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  66. Spandana Arora

    Spandana Arora

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    The watch is a gift from daze I another video

    • Spandana Arora

      Spandana Arora

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  67. abd elrahman kotb

    abd elrahman kotb

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    Is that thing called meatballs in your culture

  68. Theo Plays

    Theo Plays

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    Faze rug: eating at celebrity’s restaurant Me: bruh you are celebrity

  69. Bobby Hayes

    Bobby Hayes

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    Faze. Rug



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    Bryan i know that this is your first time hearing this fastfood chain, is it ok? can you make a vlog trying jollibee food taste for your pilipino fans.

  71. rudrangsh jha

    rudrangsh jha

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    16:10 the guy slicing without looking me: anyone can do that me 10 mins later: struggles to slice a bread into half while looking at it and chops a finger

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    Pizza Lover

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    Rug I speak Arabic

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    al salam alkom im araba 2 wow cool

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    It’s 2 am I hungry

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    CHUG JUG! 3:15

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    hi god bless have a good one

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    Faze rug is so adorable

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    اول عربي 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Lol loved the ending with the West 😂

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    No buddy liked you because coult every buddy liked you because of love

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    We have baclava in romania and its wrote the same

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    Bust down rugiana

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    Can I plz win a ps5 I’ve been subbed since 2015 and I’ve been a fan and watched all ur vids and ur my favorite ALpastr all I want is a pa5😁

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    your making me hungry

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    Eat from czn burak

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    I want food NOW

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    This is the reason why i want to live in america 😭😭😭

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    i am eating right now

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    We call the thing u ate last not the gold steak the other thing idk how to say it in english but in arabic its بقلاوة so we call it the same thing u do

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    I always watch this when I'm hungry

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    hey next time invite me! sheeesh!

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    I’m drinking something does that count

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